Labtec PRO Series

Universal respiratory protection testers in 3 selectable versions

PRO static

Static tester with retrofittable breathing test unit

Cost-effective but future-proof, as artificial lung can be retrofitted at any time


  • Cost-effective entry-level device

  • Original Labtec test head

  • Automatic test sequence

PRO light

Automatic testing device

incl. respiration by default. Upgrade to fully automatic PRO tester possible at any time.


  • Dynamic testing incl. artificial lung

  • Universal Labtec test head incl. measuring point forehead

  • Automatic test sequence


Fully automatic universal tester

High-end testing technology with all testing options


  • All testing options incl. breathing tests

  • Universal Labtec test head incl. measuring point forehead

  • OLED control panel incl. analog pressure gauges for true pneumatic redundancy

  • Fully automatic test sequence with automatic sealing of the demand valve

  • Fully automatic warning signal detection with microphone

  • SCBA safety valve test

Information material

Modular, respiratory protection testbench for automatic field testing of full-face breathing masks, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), diving equipment (SCUBA) and chemical protective suits (CPS).

Modular Options

Testing options

Masks / Demand valves

  • Leakage tests in pos. and neg. pressure
  • Opening pressure of the Exhalation Valve
  • Working pressure
  • Activation pressure w/ 10 l/min suction
  • Inhalation and exhalation resistance while breathing (only PRO light & PRO)


  • High pressure leakage
  • Pressure gauge comparison
  • Warning whistle response pressure

  • SCUBA Warning System response pressure (only with Option R – Regulator)

  • Safety valve response pressure (only PRO)

  • Static medium pressure

  • Medium pressure leakage
  • Dynamic medium pressure while breathing (only PRO light & PRO)

Chemical Protection Suits (CPS)

  • Suit leakage test

  • Valve leakage test