Project Description

Analog, manual compact test benches

Analog, manually operated compact test benches with original Labtec test head for testing respiratory masks, regulators, SCBA and chemical protection suits (CPS).

Labtest 240: Low and medium pressure range

Labtest 400: Low, medium and high pressure range

Labtest 240

Labtest 240

Labtest 400

Labtest 400

Testing Options

Masks / regulators

Sealing tests in underpressure and overpressure
Density test metering valve
Opening pressure of the exhalation valve
Set pressure, connection pressure at 10 l / min
Static overpressure


High pressure leak test
Pressure gauge comparison
Warning signal test (only LT400)
Medium pressure static (only LT400)
Medium pressure climbers (only LT400)

Chemical protective suits

Suit leak test
Valve sealing test