Project Description

Fully automatic, modular, universal test bench

Fully automatic respiratory tester with artificial lung and original Labtec test head for testing respiratory masks, lung regulators, SCBA, chemical protection suits as well as optional diving equipment and rebreathers in the low, medium and high pressure range.

LabModul – Options

T (Terminal)
T (Terminal)
Control panel with three LCD displays and complete controls for manual operation of the device
Freely positionable touch screen PC, connected via movable arm attachment to tester. Preinstalled software LabNet Profi
+ (Redundancy)
+ (Redundancy)
Equipment of the device with additional analogue measurement technology, additional safety through redundancy.
S (Safety Valve Testing)
System component and module for automatic medium pressure increase for safety valve testing.
R (Regulator)
Front-mounted, external high-pressure regulator 0 to 330 bar for stepless adjustment of pre-pressure
LabModul 1600 TSIR+

LabModul 1600 TSIR+

Testing Options

Masks / regulators

Sealing tests in underpressure and overpressure
Density test metering valve
Opening pressure of the exhalation valve
Set pressure, connection pressure at 10 l / min
Static overpressure
Inhalation and exhalation resistance

SCBA / SCUBA  (optional)

High pressure leak test
Pressure gauge comparison
Safety valve (optional)
Warning signal test, resistance warning
Medium pressure static
Medium pressure climbers
Medium pressure dynamic with respiration

Rebreathers (optional)

Response pressure low pressure warning
constant flow
Minimum / pressure relief valve
Bypass / Drain Valve

Chemical protective suits

Suit leak test
Valve sealing test