Labtec ECO

Modular test bench in two selectable versions

ECO dynamic: With artificial lung for respiratory protection devices

ECO static: Cost-effective without artificial lung ⇒ Future-proof, as lung can be added at any time

Modular options

  • T – (Terminal)
    Operating panel with digital OLED display and membrane keypad for manual operation of the device

  • SI – (Safety Valve)
    Integrated test unit for testing SCBA safety valves

  • COM (All-in-One PC)
    Freely positionable touch screen PC, connected to the testing device via swivel arm mounting, incl. pre-installed software LabNet Profi


  • Including network-compatible test software LabNet Profi for operating the test stand with a Windows® PC, connection of the device via USB interface

  • Fixed Labtec test head, exchangeable from the outside and covered with a natural rubber skin, additionally electrically inflatable via a pump for problem-free testing of all masks, regardless of manufacturer

  • High precision pressure sensors for low, medium and high pressure with an accuracy of 0.5 %

  • Built-in pressure/vacuum pump for generating an air flow of up to ±10 l/min. as well as positive and negative pressure for testing masks, demand valves and CPS

  • HP screw connection 6S according to DIN 2353 / EN ISO 8434-1 as high pressure inlet
    Front 300 bar device connection socket for connecting the PA pressure regulators
    EURO coupling and nipple for adaptation of the medium pressure connections of regulators and demand valves
    Separate quick coupling with silencer for system ventilation and connection of the CPS filling line.

Testing possibilities

Masks / Demand valves

Leakage tests in pos. and neg. pressure
Opening pressure of the Exhalation Valve
Working pressure
Activation pressure w/ 10 l/min suction
Inhalation and exhalation resistance while breathing*

*=only with ECO dynamic


High pressure leakage
Pressure gauge comparison
Warning device response pressure
Safety valve response pressure
Static medium pressure
Medium pressure leakage
Dynamic medium pressure while breathing*

Chemical Protection Suits (CPS)

Suit tightness test
Valve tightness test

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